Enablement Building Focus Areas

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Operational Enablement Strategy

  • Establishing strategies for enablement teams that create a clear model on how to drive GTM impact
  • Creating intuitive experiences for teams by aligning engagement and learning content with  the engagement motions & CRM process
  • Establishing quantifiable and qualitative metrics that assess individual performance

Customer Engagement Framework

  • Creating customer-centric engagement framework that aligns to moments that matter and connecting with emotion
  • Defining the key motions that drive success for each GTM role (the playbook)
  • Identifying a GTM taxonomy, asset standards and content development strategy that establishes consistency and clarity for the creators and users 

Role-Based Effectiveness

  • Diagnosing the current situation through individual role and leadership interviews
  • Defining of the GTM roles and hiring the right people
  • Developing role-based enablement journey based on a identified rubrics
  • Understanding and relating to different areas of the business and their role in enablement

GTM Training & Enablement Programs

  • Architecting and executing time-based programs (RKO, QBR’s podcasts, etc.) that drive GTM alignment and role-based development
  • Develop and implement ever-boarding curriculum and delivery approach
  • Incorporate ongoing virtual or face-to-face programs that create role-based community support and foster best practices